Privacy Policy

How we use your data

Your data privacy is very important to us. Here's what we use your data for:

Platform Improvements

We use your data to optimize how we deliver content, so we can improve user experiences.

Technology Suppliers

We may share some of your data with third parties for the purpose of delivering our services (see data processors below).

Selling Data

We never sell your data to third parties. That's not how we make money.


We never use your contact information for spam or marketing material which you haven't requested.

Data we collect and store

Here's the types of data we actively collect and store about you:

First & Last Name

We need this data so we can address you properly in emails and other correspondance.

Email Address

We need this so we can contact you easily about any changes to your account.


We like to know which country you're from, since it helps us with our marketing.

Social Media

Maybe you share your social media links with us, which is part of the service.


When you post photos, videos, etc on your page, which is part of our service.

Page Views & Clicks

We collect anonymous statistics about views and clicks on your page.

Account Activity

Any changes made to your account are logged, so we can optimize our service.

Marketing Interractions

When you interract with our marketing, so we can optimize our future marketing.

Data we may process

If you've granted us access, we may process (but never store) some of the following data:

Google Calendar

We need to process this data so we can see your availability and add new bookings.

Stripe Account

We need to process this data so we can allow you to receive payments from your page visitors.

Mailchimp Account

We need to process this data so we can allow you to add new contacts to your mailing list.

LinksPages Password

We need to process this data so we can store a secure hash, allowing us to later verify your password without actually storing it.

Cookie Policy

Pages operated by users do not contain cookies. Therefore it is not necessary request permission from visitors.

The LinksPages account interface uses cookies which are essential to the operation of the service, such as user session information.

General Data Protection Regulation

The data controller is LinksPages.

The primary data processor is Amazon Web Services Inc.

Secondary data processors (data limited only to scope of use) are: Sendinblue SAS, Rewardful Inc.

Privacy Contact

You have a right to amend your data or request deletion of your data.

To contact the data controller regarding your data, please use electronic mail:

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To facilitate a prompt response, it's best to use the same email which you used to register your LinksPages account. Please include as much information in your request as possible.