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Follow us on all platforms for spiritual and healing guidance ____Youtube- ____Facebook-@moonfreyjaherbhealing ____Instagram-@moonfreyjamystichealing ____X.-@moonfreyja333 Spiritual soul healing and guidance.. empath, a guide, a healer and an intuitive Tarot reader. To help me along the way, I use tools by working with chakras, crystals for healing, and Tarot, astrology, and numerology for guidance, Law of attraction and raising frequency. We are all on the same journey, some more ahead than others ... so I'm here to share with you my life experiences and lessons, hopefully providing you with love and support that might help you on your journey. My intention is to guide you to find your true purpose... If you have any questions, if you are looking for guided healing sessions, you can email me at: NOTE: I will never contact you on any social media for money, donations or readings !!! I hope you enjoy my energy. Please like, share, and subscribe LOVE & LIGHT All of Moonfreyja medicinal products are made with medical plants and essencial oils. The benefits of aromatherapy/essencial oils are many. Each plant or flower has a different medicinal power, there is a wide variety of essential oils with a high therapeutic degree. Through aromatherapy, we can treat several problems, such as stress, chronic anxiety, sleeping difficulties, depression, muscle and joint pain. Respiratory problems, digestive problems, pre-menstrual tension, and menopause, irritations and any skin problems. Our recipes are carefully chosen in order to improve and balance out our health on a day-to-day basis using 100% natural medicine.