Monetize Link in Bio with Affiliate Marketing

Make money from your link in bio, by promoting affiliate links from popular brands.

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make money with affiliate marketing

Get paid for promoting companies

With affiliate marketing get a share of whatever companies were making from their products or services, by helping them promote.

Affiliate programs are performance based, meaning they track user clicks and then confirm whenever a user converts into a buying customer.

The great thing about sharing affiliate links within your link in bio, is that you can earn money without having to create any products for yourself. All you need to do is what you're good at - which is promoting to your audience!

fiverr affiliate program
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    Visit the websites of popular brands such as Fiverr or ExpressVPN. It's best to choose brands which are relevant to your audience.

  2. 2

    Look for footer links saying "Affiliate Program" or similar. Alternatively, search Google for the brand name followed by "Affiliate Program".

  3. 3

    Apply to join their affiliate program. Usually you'll need to fill an application form and then wait to be accepted.

  4. 4

    Once accepted, you'll be given an affiliate link to promote, using your link in bio on LinksPages.

affiliate network

Join Affiliate Networks

While some larger companies have their own dedicated affiliate programs, others choose to promote through affiliate networks.

In particular, affiliate networks like Clickbank and Shareasale provide a huge amount of choice about which companies to promote. The downside is that sometimes these promotions don't last forever, so your income will be limited to the duration of the offer.

We recommend you choose a small number of offers, that are highly relevant to your audience, for promotion in your link in bio.

Affiliate Marketing Questions

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    How much can influencers make from affiliate marketing?

    It all depends on the size of your audience and how engaged they are. Some influencers earn more from affiliate marketing than they do from video ads or paid video placements.

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    How can influencers choose the best offers?

    Stick to promoting offers that are highly relevant to your audience. Promoting products that your audience aren't interested in is likely to affect future engagement.

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    How many followers do influencers need before they can do affiliate marketing?

    Most networks will look for some proof that you are actively creating content and have an audience, but generally speaking there isn't any minimum audience size.

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    How do influencers get paid from affiliate marketing?

    Companies you work with will track the performance of your affiliate links. Based on conversions, they will typically send a consolidated payment on a monthly basis.