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Track your leads and conversions

Monitor leads and incoming payments with our handy Affiliate Dashboard.

You'll be able to track all the important details about new customers you've referred, so you know exactly how well you are doing and how much you're about to get paid.

Your Affiliate Manager will work closely with you, to optimize your promotions and maximize your revenue.

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Affiliate Questions

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    How much will I earn?

    50% of all referred user payments. That means any revenue we make will be shared equally with you!

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    How are payments handled?

    PayPal or Bank Transfers (NET-30). The minimum payment amount is $100.

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    How long do the cookies live for?

    Cookies live on browsers for 180 days.

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    What happens if I don't reach the minimum payment amount?

    Any unpaid earnings will be carried forward to the next month.